Friday, October 26, 2007


So we arrived today to Cinque Terre by train from Rome after 3 great days with our hosts Pietro and Marina. We’re looking forward to some quiet time by the beach now to unwind after a busy travel schedule through France, England and Italy.

Cinque Terre did not disappoint us as it is located along the Italian Rivierra amongst steep and picturesque crags next to the ocean. The beaches are beautiful between the 5 small towns which are interlinked by train and hiking trails. We managed to find an essentially deserted beach at Monterrosso where massages were offered, and everyone took part! Our lodging consisted of a two storey flat with a high deck overlooking the town and the ocean. What a beautiful, peaceful spot this is, especially at the end of the season when there are very few tourists.

Our departure from Cinque Terre took place at 5 am by train to Milan where we caught a flight to Athens to start our tour of Greece! Ciao, John

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