Thursday, January 31, 2008

India - attention all hormonal women!!

On our way to the yoga this morning, Mr. Bharathi explained why we see all of the women wearing flowers in their hair. In a very matter of fact way (and you would have thought this would be quite a taboo subject for a man to discuss with a woman over here) he explained that the Indian people understand totally how women are ruled by their hormones. This resulted in much laughter from the others in the vehicle and I didn't bite anyone's head off!!

The flowers they use are a very scented jasmine flower that acts as aromatherapy to keep the women "cool" and thereby calm their hormones. He went on to explain a bunch of things about their medical system here (a root canal costs $50) and they are way ahead of the game. They have public free health care and private and even more private for the VIP's.

The hormonal one in our family

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Susan said...

Could you please bring some of these flowers home...I think we could open a kiosk in Chinook.....