Tuesday, January 29, 2008

India - The beautiful Indian people!

I really must write a minute about the people here. they are such a gentle and humble people - very reminiscent of Bali and I presume the common denominator is generally the Hindu religion. Those are generally the people we have met here.

The other day we left our B&B to go to catch our 1pm flight. We left at 11:30 and nobody seemed in the least concerned that this was late or anything. At 12:15 we were stuck in traffic and again Lal, our great driver wasn't worried! At 12:25 we reached the airport, presented our tickets at the door (as nobody without a ticket even enters the building) and ran to get our bags scanned. Here they scan and seal your checked baggage before you even hit the ticket counter.

We arrived at the ticket counter at 12:30 and the kindest most gentle woman assuaged our fears - no problem, all is well. I'm not sure what they worry about here if they don't worry about arriving for a flight 25 minutes before it leaves!! We proceeded through security which is divided into ladies and gents. the ladies go one by one into a curtained off booth and are patted down. the men have this process done in the open. At the same time your cary on luggage is being scanned and a tag that has been affixed to it is stamped. John didn't get one of his stamped so when we finally were called to get on the bus,(yes in most of the airports other than in North America you are loaded onto a bus and driven out onto the tarmac to the plane) John had to go back and get his tag stamped.

Again, nobody seemed to worry. It's not like at home where they might just say it was your fault and leave you stranded; the rest of us loaded on the bus secure in the knowledge that John would arrive safe and sound which he did.

We are now in the South near Madurai and I hate to tell you that it is 30C and humid as all get out. I know you're all freezing in Calgary and schools are closed so we'll send warm thoughts your way.

The kids would love to hear from their friends on these blogs if they could.

Namaste Holly

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