Thursday, January 24, 2008

India - Anna's musings...

Hey everyone! We are now back in Delhi after driving up to Dharmsala and McCleod Gamj. Up in Dharmsala we stayed in a place called the Judge's Court that was absolutely beautiful with two little, adorable puppies that we named Bailey and Bear. We stayed there for three nights and one day was spent sitting around reading, playing badminton and taking walks into the village. The next day we took the treachorous drive up to where the Dalai Lama lives. By treachorous I mean that every turn you are looking over the edge of a cliff that has no barrier. Not to mention the fact that the road is only big enough for one so every time you have to pass it feels like you are going to fall down the cliff! I thought I was going to puke! When we reached McCloed Gamj our driver Lal dropped us off and we just started walking down the street. I wasn't sure what we were going to do but as it turns out it was easy to become occupied! Immediately I could tell that we were in a different culture. Everyone looked different from just down the mountain. Also the landscape looked a lot like home nestled in the Himalayas. By the way the Himalayas are huge! We walked around for a while looking at the village before going to a Buddhist temple. We were hoping to go in to look at what it was like but as it turns out THE Dalai Lama was giving an audience to new monks so no one was allowed inside. As we were leaving we met a lady from BC who was staying up there and offered to take us on her little walk to look at another temple. We went with her and saw a temple, some prayer wheels and prayer flags. The walk took probably about an hour and we got a wonderful chance to see the mountains. On the way back we had lunch at a beautiful hotel where we could see the Dalai Lama's house. After a couple of hours we started walking back down to the car. On the way we bought a couple of hats and blankets. So far the trip has been amazing and we are missing you all so much!                             love, Anna


unclenicky said...

Well done Anna. (Note: Girls don't puke) Have to ask your mom for the proper verb. Just like when we grew up, girls did't sweat....they got dewy.
Tell your dad we are all booked. Seeya maybe in NZ for sure in Tonga.
Love to you all
K&S and Mikey

Dadgunn said...

John, Holly and kids- I am sitting here with Dad and we have been reading your blogs every week or so.. It is a highlight of my visit with Dad, as we make a point of coming into the library to sit and read them, so please keep up up to date on what you are doing.
Dad is doing great- we just went for a walk outside and enjoyed some fresh air.. its chinooking today, but supposed to be cold tomorrow.
Love you all,

Dad and Barb