Friday, January 11, 2008

India - Holly's first impressions

So here we are in India but I'll backtrack and describe the journey. Our flights were totally packed and oversold. I ended up with a Lebanese fellow beside me who took up more than his allotted space and I had to deliver a bit of an elbow a couple of times during the night!! Luckily Anna was on the other side of me so I could lean a bit that way.

Okay, for the squeamish or sensitive of stomach - skip this paragraph. I have sometimes felt sick on aircraft, but have never puked. Anna woke up not feeling well and I managed to get a plastic bag under her while she was sick. I felt badly for having elbowed Mr. Lebanese as he passed over the kleenexes for her to wipe her mouth. Within minutes, I too knew I'd be sick!! Now whoever invented the airsick bag really did their homework as they have to durable, the right size so as not to splash, waterproof with a convenient closing top (think Oreo cookie bag) and able to resist force (they don't call it hurling for nothin'!!!)

Enough about bad experiences though, as the rest was great!! The German efficiency machine was well-oiled in Frankfurt as we breezed through and collected our luggage and checked in for Delhi. We watched Stardust which was excellent and an Indian movie (think Miracle on Grass) called Chak De about the Indian Woman's Field Hockey Team.

Our arrival in Delhi was calm although we did spend an hour getting through customs. Lal our driver took us to Alsabah House. This is an apartment with a bit of a bed and breakfast element to it. We have 3 bedrooms with bathrooms that are nicer than ours at home!! Ishwar is the fellow who provides us with our meals and we had omelettes for breakfast.

We will go for a tour this afternoon and meet with our travel agent and try to find a yoga option for later in the trip. Holly

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