Monday, January 7, 2008

Calgary - John's to India in 72 Hours!

So we've been back in Calgary now for 8 weeks and have almost fallen back into all of our old routines! We've had a great time touching base with our family and friends, getting back to work (read paying the bills), and buckling down to some serious home schooling - all in order to prepare for the real thing.... off to India, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, and Tonga over the next 5 months or so. Holly and the kids will travel on despite John's necessity ro return to Calgary for work (read paying the bills). Everyone is very excited about this phase of our travels as we attempt to align ourselves more closely with the needs and issues of the people in the countries that we visit. We feel very blessed to have such good friends and family that we love so much, and to have good health and the ability to venture out a bit into the world and (hopefully) attempt to develop a broader social conscience in the process. The least we can do is try...stay tuned, John

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