Thursday, February 7, 2008

India - driving, road signs and signs

I really have to do a blog about these things before we leave. With one billion people, many jobs that at home would be done by machine, are done here by hand. Today we saw women with large stones in front of them and with a hammer they were breaking them up into gravel!! We would then see loads of this gravel by the sides of the road where the human bobcats would move it by having one person sccop it onto a basket that is then placed on the head of the next person in line. This was generally done by men as it is pretty heavy. They would dump it further down the road where the large rollers (girl squashers is what my parents called them as when we moved to Calgary in 1964 my sister and I were 3 and 6 and they were paving the roads in Kelvin Grove - the term girl-squasher was a great incemtive to stay away from them!!) would flatten it before the women would come along and sweep any stray bits back in!!

Some of the road signs we saw were also great!! These are all as we saw them including spelling errors: Whisky is risky with driving!, Don't Die Like Fouls, Obey Traffic Rules, Mind the Signs, Pay Less Fines, and my favorite, Drive Slow, Reach Safe!

There was another sign that we saw for advertising a fiber-filled cereal Eat Rusk, Be Brisk!! I'll leave that to your imaginations!!


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