Friday, March 7, 2008

Australia - Perth - Our First Day

After breakfast of toast and our own stash of peanut butter, it was time to figure out where we were and to go about renting a car. John had a van before the rest of us could even unpack. We spent some of the rest of the morning unpacking fully for the first time in 2 months!! Laundry - oh yes the laundry!! - was started and I was reminded of the time spent here in Dec 2001 with my sister and hanging laundry on the line for the first time in my life! Karen gave us the orientation and showed us where the grocery store was.

Off on the wrong side of the street to Woolworths which is a grocery store here. Prices are almost double what they are at home and the Aus dollar is at about 95 cents to the Canadian dollar. We managed to find just about everything we needed and headed back for a good old steak dinner. Karen and her husband David came over for some great Austalian red wine (Liquorland even had a convenient 20% off sale just in time for us to stock up for the duration of our stay)!!


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