Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Australia - Perth - Our "Landlords" Karen and David

I call them landlords loosely as they have done so much for us in the first few days to make us feel at home. Karen on our second day here takes us on a 3 hour drive around to orient ourselves without us having to worry about the driving. She shows us a couple of bike shops as we want to rent bikes to travel some of the endless bike pathways that exist in and around Perth. Her husband David, is also a bike enthusiast and has John all geared up to go on his weekend jaunts along the Swan River.

Karen has us over for dinner and introduces us to Kate, her 15 year old daughter, who is every bit the gracious hostess that her mother is. She takes the kids down the path along the river to what they call the oval. Ovals are playing fields that are everywhere for everything from Rugby to Aussie Rules football (Footy) to field hockey. Tacos for dinner helps up our intake of red meat. That month in India has us down by about 30 days on our intake of red meat!!


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