Friday, April 11, 2008

Australia - Perth - A Twilight Tour of the Swan River

Yesterday afternoon, we headed down to the Fremantle Yacht Club with Karen and David from next door as well as Karen's Mom Yvonne and a colleague of David's from Argentina, Fabian. We boarded their big boat and headed out for a cruise up the Swan River. It was just sunset as we headed into the river mouth and we got to see the Maritime Museum as well as the Port from the river perspective.

I really had to pinch myself!! How was it that we had met such great people? My Dad came along and had no difficulty whatsoever climbing up top to the flybridge to sit in the very comfortable salon area and put back a Bundy Rum or 2. The kids had lemon squash (which is like lemonade and we threw around a few pumpkin jokes) and Karen made Greyhounds (vodka and grapefruit juice) for us and Champagne (a very popular drink with the ladies - Auntie Vonny you're in girl!!) for her Mom.

The river winds around and at our place is about twice as wide as the Bow and crystal clear and blue green in color. As we got further upstream it widened out into what they call the Melville waters which is very large (bigger than the reservoir) and they run sailing races there. There was a huge sandbar that I wondered how we would deal with that in the dark!

We passed under the Narrows Bridge right at what they call the City (which is downtown). It was an amazing sight from the water. We then went back and pulled up to the jetty at the Old Swan Brewery for our 7:30 dinner reservation. This was one of the more amazing things from this trip. This big 46 foot power boat just parking at the dock and us hopping off carefree to go in to an amazing meal at a very nice restaurant. We enjoyed Margaret River wine from the Were Estate. We had been to the Brewery right across the road from this winery on our trip to Margaret River and the sign said Were wines pointing to the vineyard and They're Beer pointing to the Brewery across the road!!

After a fabulous meal (gotta love those mashed potatoes Cathy!) we headed back in the pitch dark to the boat. I am not sure how David managed to see the blinking red and green and white beacons but he did! Here it is the opposite again of home and you keep the green on your left as you are headed out and the red on your right. The white meant danger and to be avoided.

All in all a fabulous evening and experience from our great landlords and friends.


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