Sunday, October 7, 2007

This morning

This morning was kinda cold but that was okay i was okay iwas in my warm bed. But not for long. Today we are going to the london dungeons. And were going to have brunch. In a garden. I dont know the name . bye Paul



bjgunn said...

Hello John, Holly, Dave, Anna, Cathy and Paul,

Grandpa and I found the computer in the Belcher and have been reading your blogs and enjoying the stories!
Grandpa passes on his love - so do I.. take care all !

Love Barb and Grandpa

Lob said...

Hi Gunn clan
Really enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pics! Sounds like everyone is having a great time - other than Dave blowing chunks and Paulie having to walk to get dinner he doesn't like. Are you getting used to the trains in London and getting around? All is well here - Uncle Bobby

Diane said...

Good morning everyone....

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you. Busy weekend with all the EATING...hey Paul, we had some great pizza on the weekend too! Flames lost first two games...update for you Holly. No snow yet...but the chill is in the air. Keep safe and have fun! We really do have so much to be thankful for....

Love Auntie Di, Kate and Joey

Mur said...

Good-day all - I hope the travelers are getting around O.K. Sounds like you guys had a great time in France! What an experience! All's fine in Cow town. Fall is definetly in the air. Love those pics! i hope your feeling better Dave!

Love to all - Mur & Family