Saturday, October 6, 2007

hi everybody from paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys hows it going! Today we say the prison of london.It was cool!!! Then we went and saw another war museum. Gues what? we got to see the two sides of the tower bridge go up.tomorrow were gonna go to the haunted house.bye


Wittstocks said...

Nice! so where have you been so far. Well, I'm watching cold case so it's a bit hard concentrating. It's 10:30 PM our time. I also had thanksgiving on Sunday (by the way it's Sunday.) instead of
Monday. I had it at my house for the first time since my parents bought our cabin. Also my cousins came over, (so far the first time of the year). I only see them once a year at Chistmas and some times in the summer. Well they came with their boyfriends. My boy cousin doesn't have a girlfriend yet. Their names are Tanner Wittstock (T.W.), Laura, and Megan. Laura's boyfriend's name is Tanner Wolfe (T.W.) and Megan's is Chris, he has two daughters (he has a x-wife). Well I think I should go. Have fun!!!!!Write again soon. Keelan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wittstocks said...

Today is 25 October 07, and yesterday I went to the ortho. and they told me I have to get braces. I have to (have to) get them on my four front teeth.I most go before (BA BA BA BA BA...BA BA BA... BA DA BABABABA)my SISTER COME'S.

see ya soon