Friday, October 5, 2007

paul dddduh

hey this is paul im in london and were about to go out to dinner. My dad is in a terrible mood. Hes yelling at everybody. He actually forced me to do this blogg. Is it our fault that he didn't know the prices of the ice creams he bought us????
And he didn't know the choclat sticks were an extre half a dollar?? Anyway right know he just read this and is trying to get back in my good books. Tomorrow were going to really big haunted house. Its actually supposed to be an actual scary haunted house its a old dungeon,tonight were going to eat PERSIAN FOOD. Why cant we eat normal food like normal people. o i forgot we have to ExPiReMeNt,man my parents are weird,im not kiding we could easily order pizza. We wouldn't even have to move. But no lets go walk a mile to eat food that we wont like. Wait id better go my dads being nicer.


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