Friday, October 5, 2007

We're in London and so is the Queen!

Yesterday was a bit of a mad scramble leaving Paris and France (and our very carefully packed lunch and snackies at the train station) and taking the very fast Eurostar train through the Chunnel to London. The Paris Metro system that had been our total friend when we had lots of time, suddenly turned on us when we were rushed and in danger of missing our train to London.

Imagine the six of us with our heads spinning in all directions in the Chatelet des Halles Metro Station trying to find which train would take us to the Gare du Nord. Luckily for us a nice French man helped us out by having us follow him. He also helped extract John from the Metro doors which closed on him and his 2 computers and 2 backpacks!!

We were met at the Waterloo station by a car that the people who we are renting the flat from sent for us. The flat is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit in W2 about 2 blocks from Hyde Park. It is great for the unilinguals in the family to be back where they can communicate again!!

Today we did the bus tour thing and had an easy day. The boys are needing a bit of a constant push for the schooling thing so today was their chance to catch up.

There are numerous restaurants around us so we'll stroll up the block and pick from a myriad of menus. Tomorrow we will start three days of seeing the sights with passes that we bought from home.

Just in case anyone is wondering, laundry has not magically disapeared here in Europe - the machines just got smaller!!! Holly

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Claudia said...

Hey Holly
Great to hear from u guys! Thanksgiving was fun lots of family and turkey!Everything is great at ur house. Miss Daves after school visits!Boys hockey is in full gear now busy every night. Looking forward to reading more about ur travels love the photos! Happy trails!! Claudia