Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cambodia - $6 foot massages

After a long day of running around Phnom-Penh seeing the sites, and of course seeing the markets, our feet really start to hurt. The people of Cambodia have really figured out how to fix our problem, $6 foot massages. So as we returned to the hotel, the boys went inside and we three girls ran across the street to the Royal Massage store. There we walked inside, took off our shoes and were immediately sat down in three comfy leather chairs with our feet in warm water. In the store were about 10 girls all sitting around, practicing there massages on each other, waiting for customers. The women started out by exfoliating our feet before starting our massage. They first massaged our feet before doing our calf and thigh. Cathy couldn't stop laughing as they did her feet so therefore the women couldn't stop laughing. She squirmed like crazy as they cracked our toes. All of this was repeated over and over again over the course of about 50 minutes. The last 10 minutes were spent on our neck and back. All of this for $6!

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