Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cambodia - Central Market, Pnom Penh

We arrived in Pnom Penh, and the day after we walked down to the central market. A smell soon came to our noses that was so grose we all barfed in our mouths. When we entered the market we found out what the smell was live and dead flopping, blood pussing fish being chopped up. Ya not very pleasent at all. Better then Bali though cause in the markets they overed us cow eyeballs.

So we walk quickly through the food section breathing through our mouths. We get in the middle part of the market where the electronics and clothing and jewelery etc. We bought my dad a watch and then headed over to clothing. We bought some clothes and are having trouble fitting them in our bags.


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Mallory Family said...

Wow! What amazing experiences you're all having. This year won't leave you where it found you, will it?! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Charlie misses Paul. We look forward to seeing you when you're all back!

Ann Mallory