Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thailand - Culture Shock!

We arrived yesterday morning to the brand new airport in Bangkok. What a contrast to India!! Not just the lack of people, but the lack of cacophony. I guess after one month in India we had become kind of immune to everything around us. I just had an iChat with my Dad and sister from our hotel here in Bangkok and described what we had for breakfast the morning we left India and the breakfast we had yesterday here in Thailand.

At the SN Tourist Resort in Kolar (which my Dad said sounded 5Star from the blog entry but was only amazing because it was clean and new but would be about 2 star) our problem was breakfast. The only thing we could get that wasn't too spicy was plain dosa. Dosa is like a big crepe. We would order dosa, go outside the hotel to the canteen and buy 10 little fresh bananas (45cents) and then spread the dosa with some of the peanut butter stash that we had for just such emergencies and then slice banana and roll it like a tortilla. This was breakfast and had to suffice until we could get the not too spicy drumsticks of chicken for lunch.

So, like a herd of elephants we arrived at the buffet at 5:30 AM yesterday morning here at the beautiful Dusi Thani Hotel in Bangkok. We had checked in at 4:30, had our first baths since Canada (only Indian bucket showers had been available in India), pulled out our cleanest and least wrinkled clothes from our packs and headed down just as the buffet opened. Dave grabbed 2 granny smith apples and had eaten them before we even found our seats!! Our bums hadn't even warmed the seats when we bounded off to grab our favorite things.

I had a salad with mixed greens, sprouts, corn, salami and blue cheese covered in balsamic and olive oil. Paul had a plate of crispy bacon and waffles, and the girls had waffles. Dave had bacon and pancakes and John sushi. We are in the land of Asian tourists again, so there is a large presence of Asian foods for breakfast. This adds even more things for us to choose from!!

Our next load on our plates was from the fruit section where there was pineapple, watermelon (cut into heart shapes) honeydew, papaya and peeled grapefruit!! Needless to say we thought St Peter was the host who seated us!!

Speaking of breakfast, everyone has gone down for this morning's buffet so I'll go and catch up. We are then off to explore the wonders of Bangkok for the day.


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Donna P. Beech said...

Just heard about your trip and have been reading your journal for about an hour now. Wow!! What a wonderful experience for your family! You are such a giving helpful family,it's one thing to donate$ but seeing first hand what is needed then supplying it makes it even more special.I had a lot of admiration for you when your family shaved their head for cancer,a few year ago, but this is so much more.I am proud to say that I know you and that you are Canadian. Keep up the great work!