Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thailand - First Day - It's all about the Food!

Okay, I have to do another blog about the food. After our great experience with the early am buffet, we went across the street to the department store and found a Thai Food Court in the basement. The kids were pulling us towards McDonald's, Starbucks and Subway, but we wanted Thai Food. We got it too. Once we figured out the pre-buying of the coupons and pointed to what we wanted, we ended up with various pork on noodle, chicken on rice, noodle soup and spring rolls. It was great!! We also hit the supermarket next door for some good Oreos as well!!

The girls and I spent the afternoon shopping and found stuff that just fit great. We were then ready to go out for a nice meal at the hotel. We went to the Italian restaurant and had beef lasagna and pork tenderloin and red snapper and gelati for dessert!! The lasagna was as good as the place in Venice.

There is a gym here that we will try to find too!! Holly

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