Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cambodia - News Article from The Cambodia Daily

Just a little bit of news from Cambodia. As a preface to this article, remember that Indian toilets are squat toilets and on the trains, they are just a gaping hole onto the tracks!


Ahmedabad, India A newborn baby girl survived an ignoble birth after slipping down the toilet bowl of a moving Indian train onto the tracks when a pregnant woman unexpectedly gave birth while relieving herself Tuesday. "My delivery was so sudden,' said Bhuri Kalibi, mother of the infant, who was born two months prematurely. Kalibi, a a 33 year old woman from Rajastan, fainted after the birth for a few minutes before waking up and alerting her family. "They stopped the train and ran on the tracks to find the baby," she said. Railway staff at a nearby station were alerted and soon found the baby lying uninjured on pebbles by the track. She is now in intensive care because of her premature birth, doctors said.


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