Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cambodia - General Observations

As we have traveled through this country here are a few notables:

-license plates appear to be optional
-in one of the markets I saw fish jumping from one basket to another for freedom
-they don't bring you the bill in restaurant until you ask for it - too polite
-you see very few baby strollers only babies on hips or in hammocks
-you can be transported lying across a moto with an IV in your arm
-there are way fewer dogs than India
-they wear masks like the Japanese tourists at home on their motos and bicycles
-they drive on the same side as us but cars are both left and right hand drive
-boys are encouraged to spend some time as a monk
-plastic is a huge garbage problem here
-Paul has mastered chopsticks after one day of using them like knitting needles
-houses in the countryside are built on stilts with a dugout pond in front for water, ducks, fish and for the cows to drink from
-in front of the village leader's house will be a sign indicating which political party he supports (there appear to be 3)
-in 2 weeks I have seen 3 kids with helmets on although they are still in the ejection seat on the gas tank of the moto
-they drive much more like India here and the shoulder of the road is just where the pavement ends and the dirt begins; still a great place to drive
-when their vehicle breaks down, they use tree branches or rocks for pylons
-I haven't seen any bald people and they seem to go grey much later than us
-in the villages, they bring the chopsticks (or utensils if you're lucky) in a mug of boiling water - you pick them out and dry them to use
-they come around at restaurants with a big bucket of ice and replenish your ice quite often as it melts quite quickly here
-in the village restaurants, they throw their paper napkins and empty cans on the floor under them
-I saw a 6 year old girl on a little tiny bike like our kids would use for training, without training wheels but complete with her 2 year old sister on the back


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