Saturday, March 8, 2008

Australia - Perth - The Waterside Apartment

Much of our spare time in the last few months has been spent trying to find us accommodations in Perth. We had decided to spend 7 weeks in Perth to give the kids time to catch up on their school work and also for me to hopefully be able to find a team and play in the FINA World master's Games. All this sounded so great until we found out that Perth is like Calgary 2 years ago and in the middle of a boom. There were literally no places for rent for less than 6 months and we spent some part of every day trying new websites. Out of nowhere on March 3rd, come Karen from the Waterside Apartment. Over the next couple of days she becomes more of a friend that a landlord and we secure our digs for the next 7 weeks. The apartment is on the north side of the Swan River in the area of North Fremantle. 3 bedrooms and a study that has converted into a 4th, 3 bathrooms and a deck that is about 350 sq feet with an outdoor kitchen and we are set. Down below us is a green space and a basketball hoop and then the river.

When we arrived at 3 AM on the 8th, Karen had stocked the fridge with some essentials for breakfast and we dropped off to spend our first night in Australia. Coffee and tea in the morning were spent on the deck watching the people kayaking and the pelicans fishing and the dolphins frolicking down below. We could also watch the parade of boats as they head out to the ocean. The river is the most amazing color of blue and people swim in every day.


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