Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cid Harbour

Tongue Bay has found us on the north end of Whitsunday Island and our route today takes us back around to the other side of Whitsunday to a calm place called Cid Harbour. Getting there is anything but calm though. We put up the jib and before we know it we are doing 7.9 knots with just the jib. Cathy has the best view, right behind the second wheel and on the high side. We are practically dipping the BBQ in the water and are as far over as we have ever been. I am having to intellectualize the keel and all its weight and the fact that we can't tip over. The boys are oblivious to anything and are lying on the bench on the low side. Paul even stands up to take a pee off the side - it isn't a long way down.. We try to put up the mainsail, but the sheets are very sticky and one of the battens falls right out of the sail. It is a dicey moment for all of us as we can barely get the furling and main halyard to move as they are so sticky. I leave it to John to once again be calm under pressure and we are not dashed on any rocks and are on our way again to safer calmer seas.

Cid Harbor is a welcome refuge and we drop anchor next to several other boats and open the wine and fire up the Barbie for some Kebabs. The kids go to the beach to play frisbee but are driven back by the sandflies. We spend a beautiful calm, candlelit evening on the boat and have our best sleep yet.


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