Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Off to New Zealand

Our adventures in Australia end with a last game of minigolf on Hamilton Island and a quick hour and a half flight over to Brisbane. We have to spend the night in Brisbane and get a great 2 bedroom suite and walk down to the pedestrian mall for dinner. Again we do the order and deliver to the table thing, but this time there is Thai, Pizza, Steak or country fare or salads. Dave and I opt for Thai and he actually remembers how to say thank you in Thai. You say it differently if you are a male versus a female and he has the gal giggling in no time.

We pick up a few souvenirs on the way back and go back for a very shortened sleep. 5:30 comes early and our same cab driver picks. us up. Remember how we had stored our bags with Sunsail? I remember at 4:30 AM that we have left one there and we will spend lots of time over the next few weeks trying to get it sent to Calgary.

On the flight over to Christchurch we watch one of the better movies I have seen. It is called Dan in Real Life and we name our RV Ruthie.. It is from the funniest scene in the movie and I look across to Dave and Paul and they are crying they are laughing so hard - watch it and you will see.


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