Monday, April 21, 2008

Australia - Perth - Okay we're blogging again!!

Yikes, it has been quite a long time since we did any blogging. It has been a bit of a blur and I will try to do a few here to catch everyone up to where we are. We are actually in New Zealand now, but I will back up and finish off Perth first.

When I last left you, I was in the middle of my water polo competition and the kids were in the middle of their homework marathons. It's a good thing that I am also keeping a journal as it will help me to do this update.

As of April 20th I had played the first two games of the tourney and then the competition got really tough. Sunday the 20th dawned grey and cold and my Dad and I headed to another one of the dedicated waterpolo pools called Claremont. It is the home pool of the Pink Panthers and also the team we are playing today called the Deja Vu Dolphins. The deja vu part is because lots of these girls played together years ago on the National team and also all of this year in the league. My Dad huddles under the rain cover with one of the husbands of the girls on my team and despite a valiant effort we lose this one fairly convincingly.

I drive Sue and Pam and Deb (from SA) back to their places and take my Dad home and then head over to UWA and watch our 45+ team win their first match. I then am asked by a number of the American girls if they can catch a ride to Bicton. I want to watch the Calgary guys there so off we go. Our guys come second again, but I manage to take a bunch of pictures of them.

I grab groceries and walk in the door just as a friend from home's brother and his wife come in. this is Gord's brother and we have a great visit and Jill tells us her story of coming back from being a total quadrapalegic with Guillaine - Barre (sp? ) syndrome. After they leave, we order Chinese food for my Dad's last meal and drive him to the airport for his long journey home. It has been so great to have had this time with my Dad and for the kids to have the good solid time with him.

They have the greatest system for dropping people off at the Perth airport. Yu pull off the main road into an angle parking and as soon as you drop off your passenger, you just pull straight ahead back out onto a lane that accesses the main road again. David took my Dad in and got him settled and we will cross our fingers for his safe journey home.

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