Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Australia - Perth - BBQ Perth Style

I have invited the Calgary mens team for a BBQ at our place this evening, but I also need to be officiating at the pool all day. I leave the kids with strict instructions to do their homework and then to make all of the salads and appetizers for dinner and to clean the house. I head off to the pool for the whole day and hope for the best.

We play another tough match against a team from Queensland (the State that has Brisbane in it on the East coast) which puts us at 2 and 2 for our games so far. I end up having to work the games right up until dinner time and I arrive home and the place is spotless. The boys have followed the recipe for the dip and made it as well as the Greek Salad and dressing. The girls have done the other appetizers. This is how far they have come on this trip and it allows me to have a great evening with the guys from Calgary. I am so thankful to Ron who brought David's English text which as it turns out he needed to complete his course.

I guess we had become complacent about the view of the river from our place and the huge deck and outdoor kitchen. We had a great evening and the guys did all of the BBQing and then we did the old "I wonder where so and so is" conversation for a good portion of the night. It was an early evening as we both had tough matches the next day.


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