Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Australia - Perth - Let the Games End!!

For our last game of the round robin, we have to play the UWA 45+ team that has an overlap of 6 players with the tam that I play on. Today, only 2 of those players are available and so we play 8 aside and it is a very close match. In the 3rd quarter, I get the chance to shoot a penalty shot which is something that I rarely do and I even hit the net! I wanted Pam to shoot it, but was voted down on that one. We end up winning the game which means we finish in third in the round robin and will play Dolphins Deja Vu to see who goes for the Gold. We actually hold our own for a while and are 2-2 after the first quarter. We lose this one though and so do our 45+ team so we play them for the bronze. We end up with the bronze and all in all it was a great experience to add to my travels in australia.

On the final day, the kids put aside their homework and come down with me to watch some of the other events. We watch a men's heat of 400 Free and they are all in their 80's. There was a women's heat where all 6 gals were in their 90"s!! We watch some 70 year old en diving and then some of the synchro.

there were a few people who actually died during the competition which is something that we hadn't even thought about. 3 waterpolo goalies had heart attacks (and lived) but I guess they average 6 deaths every time they have this (which is every 2 years.) When I spoke with one of the Calgary guys who is a doctor, he said if you looked at the ages of the athletes and what they are doing, it really is within the curve of who would die out of the 5-10,000 athletes. Unfortunately, one of the fellows who had a heart attack was a guy that we met at Stanford the last time and he now has to stay in Perth and have a quadruple bypass and rest here for the next 2 months.

It is not the best note to leave the competition on, but he is hoping to be in Sweden in 2010!!


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