Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Australia - Perth - Our last days in Perth (boohoo!!)

These last days are spent really doing lots of homework with the kids. David goes on an essay-writing marathon for both his English and his Social and is cross-eyed at the ends of most days. He is also doing Science with a great tutor from across the street. Anna finishes up her Math and then we are told she has to write a Final!! Luckily there is a teacher across the street and it isn't any problem for her to do the test. Cathy is almost done Math, but wants a little more help from John when we meet him in Brisbane.

We had thought we were so smart when we booked our tickets to Brisbane as John would be arriving within 20 minutes of us from Calgary. This was until we read the fine print on his ticket and found out he would be arriving 2 days and 20 minutes after us. This meant we would be on the boat in the Whitsundays 2 days before him. Oh well, not much we could do about that.

We go for a final day at the beach and the waves are huge. We actually don't go in at Scarborough Beach which is up the coast, but back to our beach right near our house. Even though it is Fall, it is still about 25C and great beach weather.

Anna has some baby-sitting down the street and earns her first cash on this trip. I convince her to save it for NZ where we get 25 cents on the dollar. Karen and David have us all over for dinner on the last night and Sijka the Teacher (Dave's tutor) is there as well as Jill and Charlie her Dad and stepmom. They are a riot and I wish I'd met them earlier.

Thank you so much to our friends and hosts in Perth, Karen and David Brooks and Joy and Gordon Lucas!

It's off to Brisbane and the Whitsunday Islands!!


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