Friday, April 25, 2008

Australia - Perth - Quirks and Quarks of Australia

The American girls were keeping a list of the funny sayings of the Aussie's and now I will try to remember a few.

Of course they end everything in a Y Barby, Cozzy (swimsuit), Esky (cooler for food and beverages)
Their cell phones are mobiles and you" Ring them On" not phone them at the number
In Perth, they have turtle and bird crossing signs where wildlife are breeding
The Aussies are a very honest group and say naughty for even really bad things
Tea or coffee is white or black and so you order a flat white
Green peppers are Capsicum
Hello is how are ya going? You're welcome is "No worries"
They say "heaps" a lot
They have roundabouts that work like a charm and I don't know why we don't have more of them!
They have 2 lanes that become 1 and people just let each other in
You pay for parking everywhere with the ticket thing like at MEC
They drop off their kids to go surfing after school just like we do for swim lessons


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